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Providence is only one hour train ride away from Boston and a round trip ticket costs $24

And what I could have done differently when I started

This beautiful cover shot was taken by Brian McWilliams


I’m 24 years old and I’ve been practicing handstands since I was 18. I haven’t done gymnastics (or anything similar) as a child, so I was starting pretty much from scratch.

I’m writing this article to share my honest, bumpy journey and things I wish I knew when I started.

There are three parts to this article:

  • Timeline: a step-by-step progression of my handstand journey
  • Summary: lessons I learned on the way and wish I knew back when I started
  • Resources: a list of all resources that helped to learn how to do a handstand on my own


September — November, 2014

My handstand…

Short guide on how to navigate, present, and export specs

Illustration of a thinking stick figure man looking at a bunch of Figma files
Illustration of a thinking stick figure man looking at a bunch of Figma files

While Figma makes it easy for anyone to stay on top of latest designs, it’s not always intuitive for non-designers to discover all the useful features Figma has.

I’m writing this article after giving a small demo to a few teams at my company and finding out several seemingly obvious (to us designers) things they were not aware of.

This article is for you if you are…

  1. A product manager, sales representative, analyst, or anyone else that has access to Figma and at times feels lost navigating it.

Using Variants and Auto Layout 3

In this article, I will go over how we can use new Figma Variants and Auto Layout 3 features to create a flexible checkbox tree item component.

You are welcome to either build along or grab the final component here.

Please note: this article doesn’t explain how to use Variants/Auto Layout 3. It rather demonstrates an example of utilizing these features to create a complex component.


Our checkbox tree item will consist of three parts: icon, checkbox, and text:


  • Can be an expanded parent (chevron pointing down)
  • Can be a collapsed parent (chevron pointing right)
  • Can be a child (dot)

How we use atomic design principles to organize files in Figma

Intro + Background

In this article, I’m going to go over how we organize component libraries at here at LogicManager.

LogicManager (or LM, for short) is a complex tool for enterprise risk management. It consists of numerous areas, such as:

  • Risk library — a place where you can store all risks that might be applicable to your company
  • Plans area — a place where you can conduct a risk assessment by department
  • Incidents — a place where you can keep track of any issues that come up
  • …etc.

And it also has quite a few core features:

  • Workflows
  • Form builder
  • Rule builder
  • …etc.

With a bagel shop recommendation for every route

View from Longfellow Bridge

One of my favorite things about Boston is that it got a perfect running route for any running mood that I could possibly be in.

Sometimes, I feel like doing a long run on an easy flat course and sometimes, I like to throw in some hills. Sometimes, I like being around lots of other runners and sometimes, I want a bit of alone time. Sometimes, I feel like running on streets and sometimes, I like to get away on quiet trails.

The list can go on and on. Fortunately though, Boston has it all.

Over the past few months…

4 weeks, 400 hours

Morning fasted runs 🙌

While I’ve always wanted to try intermittent fasting, I could never figure out how to fit it in my (pre-quarantine) life. Prior to March, my schedule looked something like this:

  • Wake up at 5, eat, go to the gym.
  • Get to work by 9, have coffee with a protein bar (yummm).
  • Have lunch at around 1–2.
  • Get home by 7, do some errands/work/study, have dinner.
  • Go to bed at around 10.

Clearly, I never even had as little as 12 hours pass between eating.

Once quarantine started, things changed. I stopped waking up at 5. I decided to take a…

Per month

  • $1.99 to sort Facebook feed in chronological order
  • $3.99 to hide Explore tab on Instagram
  • $3.50 to disable leaderboard on Fitbit
  • $2 to only read 3 articles on Medium
  • $1.99 to hide suggested videos on YouTube
  • $7 to choose only from 10 filters on VSCO
  • $2 to turn off auto-play on Netflix
  • $3 to not see who viewed your profile on LinkedIn
  • $2 to not automatically back up photos on Google
  • $2.99 to enable Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone

Missing anything?

If you would like to be a writer for boston vibes, just write me an email at mashashapa@gmail.com.

At this point, anything goes — memories about the city, lists of your favorite places, lifestyle tips, photo posts, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Masha S

designer / developer from Boston ~ masha312.github.io

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